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Why You Should Use Organic, Non-GMO Spices

Aug 17, 2023Mohammad Bagheri
With scientists finding a way to map the genetic structure of the foods we eat, and this has led to the engineering of genetically modified food or GMOs. While media reports and scientists will assure you that these genetically modified fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other natural items are perfectly safe for you, there are many people who are skeptical. Therefore, they are looking for organic, non-GMO spices to use in their foods.

It Is a Smart Choice
While media outlets, doctors, and maybe even your friends and neighbours will tell you that you are eight “conspiracy nut” for doubting the safety of these genetically modified ingredients, the truth is that there is a lot of benefit to choosing non-GMO foods. In fact, there are a significant number of benefits. Here are just a few for you:

Healthier Soil – For GMO-based agriculture to thrive, a significant amount of pesticide is needed. Plus, other forms of crops must be suppressed to maintain the integrity of these foods. More pesticides and specialization are not for the benefit of your health. Soil diversity is essential for nutrient enrichment, and GMO-based foods deny that from occurring. This means your food is not nearly as healthy.

Monopoly and Limitation – One of the best sources of organic fruits, vegetables, spices, and other vegetation is local. When you buy from local farmers and vendors, you are getting foods that are far healthier for you. However, GMO-based foods have created a monopoly of sorts. Many of these food producers have the right to determine who can grow their genetically modified wheat, corn, or other products. That means that food is being brought from a long distance to you, making it far less healthy. Plus, you are giving a great deal of power to those who would seek to control the food supply.

Avoiding Processed Foods – What you may not realize is that the vast majority of processed foods are made with GMO-based ingredients. Truth be told, processed foods are not suitable for you. They have a lot of artificial ingredients, and preservatives added, and adding GMO-based foods is not improving the health of these products.

The Very Best – Several studies have proven that when a person eats organic, non-GMO food are far healthier than those who eat GMO-based foods. The amount of weedkiller contained within these GMO foods is 15 times that of non-GMO. Plus, using organic spices products means that there is even less propensity for dangerous chemicals and additives, ensuring you will be far healthier.

Minerva Spices has the solution for you
Now that you know the benefits, maybe you are looking for ways to use what Minerva Spices has to offer in your next meals. The great part is that it does not matter what type of pallet you have; cooking organic masalas will taste better than ever. Your cakes will be so much tastier and healthier with the best organic cinnamon ground , or you may make an incredible cheesy garlic butter mushroom stuffed chicken when you buy organic garlic granulates.

The best part about Minerva organic spices, where you can buy best cooking spices online, is that you can use these in any recipe. All that you are doing is replacing GMO-based herbs and spices with ones that are organic and non-GMO. However, let’s give you one recipe you should enjoy.

Using a teaspoon of organic cumin ground or seed and a three-quarter teaspoon of organic turmeric ground, you can combine this with 2 cups of basmati rice, 4 cups of water, 5-6 cloves, and 1/3 cup chopped onions or organic onion granulate, plus a 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Cook this together for about 15-20 minutes, reduce to a simmer, and you are ready to eat. You are eating healthy and enjoying a fantastic meal that includes Golden Basmati Rice.

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